GUI Testing Checklist

GUI Testing Checklist
1. Windows Compliance Standards
2. Testers Screen Validation Checklist
3. Validation Testing – Standard Actions
Windows Compliance Testing
1.1. Application
• Start Application by Double Clicking on its
• Application main window Caption
• Closing the application should result in an “Are
you Sure” message box
• Attempt to start application Twice.
• Try to start the application twice as it is
• Proper message while application is busy.
• All screens should have a Help button, F1
Windows Compliance Testing
1.2. For each Window in the Application
• Window caption for every application
should have name of application & window
• If the screen has an
Control menu, then
use all un-grayed options
Windows Compliance Testing
• Use TAB to move focus around the Window. Use
SHIFT+TAB to move focus backwards.
• If a field is disabled (grayed) then it should not get focus.
• Never updateable fields should be displayed with black
text on a grey background with a black label.
• All text should be left-justified, followed by a colon tight
to it.
• List boxes are always white background with black text
whether they are disabled or not. All others are grey.
• All tab buttons should have a distinct letter.
Windows Compliance Testing
1.3. Text Boxes
• Move the Mouse Cursor over all Enterable Text
Boxes. Cursor should change from arrow to
Insert Bar.
• Enter text into Box
• Try to overflow the text by typing too many
• Enter invalid characters – Letters in amount
fields, try strange characters like + , – * etc. in All
• Text Selection in the field.
Windows Compliance Testing
1.4. Option (Radio Buttons)
• Left and Right arrows should move ‘ON’
Selection. So should Up and Down.
• Select with mouse by clicking
1.5. Check Boxes
• Clicking with the mouse on the box
• SPACE should do the same.
Windows Compliance Testing
1.6. Command Buttons
• Command Button leads to another Screen,
• Click each button once with the mouse – This
should activate
• Tab to each button – Press SPACE – This should
• Closing any action related to some running
process must prompt with Yes/No options.
• The button should be activated by pressing
Windows Compliance Testing
• Drop Down List Boxes
• Pressing the Arrow should give list of options.
• Pressing a letter should bring you to the first
item in the list, that start with that letter.
• Spacing should be compatible with the existing
windows spacing (word etc.)
• Drop down with the item selected should list with
the selected item on the top.
Windows Compliance Testing
Combo Boxes
• Should allow text to be entered. Clicking Arrow should
allow user to choose from list.
List Boxes
• Should allow a single selection to be chosen by
• Pressing a letter should take you to the first item in the
list starting with that letter.
• If there is a ‘View’ or ‘Open’ button beside the list box
then double clicking on a line should work as
command button.
Tester’s Screen Validation Checklist
1. Is the general screen background the correct color?
2. Are the field prompts the correct color?
3. Are the field backgrounds the correct color?
4. Are all the screen prompts specified in the correct
screen font?
5. Are all the field prompts aligned perfectly on the
6. Are all the field edit boxes, group-boxes aligned
perfectly on the screen?
7. Should the screen be resizable, minimizeable?
8. Are all the field prompts spelt correctly?
Tester’s Screen Validation Checklist
1. Does a failure of validation on every field cause a
sensible user error message?
2. Have any fields got multiple validation rules and if so
are all rules being applied?
3. If user enters an invalid value, invalid entry identified
and highlighted correctly with an error message.?
4. For all numeric fields check whether negative numbers
be entered.
5. For all character/alphanumeric fields check the field to
ensure character limit specified, exactly to one specified
in database.
6. Do all mandatory fields require user input?
Tester’s Screen Validation Checklist
1. Can the screen be accessed correctly
from the menu/ToolBar ?
2. Can a number of instances of this screen
be opened at the same time and is this
Tester’s Screen Validation Checklist
1. Do the Shortcut keys work correctly?
2. Is all date entry required in the correct format?
3. Is the cursor positioned in the first input field or
control when the screen is opened?
4. When an error message occurs does the focus
return to the field in error, when the user
cancels it?
Tester’s Screen Validation Checklist
1. Is the data saved when the window is closed?
2. If numeric fields accept negative values can
these be stored correctly.
1. Are all fields and controls disabled in read-only
2. Are the screen and field colors adjusted
correctly for read-only mode?
Tester’s Screen Validation Checklist
1. Assure the existence of the “Help” menu.
2. In drop down list boxes, ensure that the names are not
abbreviations / cut short
3. Ensure that duplicate hot keys do not exist on each screen.
4. Ensure the proper usage of the escape key.
5. Assure working of command buttons over particular screen.
6. Assure that all field labels/names are not technical labels, but
rather are names meaningful to system users.
7. Assure command buttons are all of similar size and shape, and
same font & font size
8. Assure that the color red is not used to highlight active objects
(many individuals are red-green color blind).
Tester’s Screen Validation Checklist
Specific Field Tests
1. Date Field Checks
Assure that month code 00 and 13 are validated
correctly & do not.
2. Numeric Fields
Assure that both + and – values, lower and higher
values are handled correctly.
3. Alpha Field Checks
Use blank and non-blank data
Include invalid characters & symbols
Validation Testing – Standard Actions
On every Screen
• Add Add
• View View
• Change Change
• Delete Delete
• Continue Cancel
• Fill each field – Valid data
• Fill each field – Invalid data
• Different Check Box combinations
• Scroll Lists
• Help
• Fill Lists and Scroll
• Tab
• Tab Order
• Shift Tab
• Shortcut keys – Alt + F
Validation Testing – Standard Actions
Validation Testing – Standard Actions
• Recommended CTRL+ Letter Shortcuts
• Suggested CTRL+ Letter Shortcuts


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