Popular QA/Testing Interview questions

I gave almost 25-30 interview in my overall career following are the question which i noticed are questioned mostly .

  1. Difference between validation and verification? 
  2. Difference between load and stress testing ? 
  3. Why we do automation testing ? 
  4. Characteristics of good automation framework ? 
  5. Selnium VS QTP VS Coaded UI ? which is best 
  6. What is difference between assert and verify in selenium ? 
  7. Can we automate a desktop app in selenium ? 
  8. Can we automate a android / IOS app in selenium ? 
  9. Why have you choose to be a SQA ?
  10. Why you want to switch ? 
  11. Cake cutting analytical rubish questions 
  12.  What is smoke test? why we do 
  13. What is regression test why we do ? 


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