Coded UI HTML Report Generator Utility API

I recently created a coded UI HTML reporter for creating HTML report of test execution

you can download it from the link it generated Report like the one in image

How to Use : 
Store all your result of every test case in a data table and at the end render that table into a HTML report 
Create a method to call functions of generate report API 
public static void generateHTMLReport()
            string nameofTC=null, process=null, status=null, curDay=null;
            string ex = null;
            DateTime thisDay = DateTime.Today;
            String curDay2 = thisDay.ToString();
            reportname = “coaded UI Script execution report” + curDay2;
            GenerateReports.Report.sReportName = “C:\\EOR data\\Results\\ReportGeneration.html”;
            foreach (DataRow row in resultLOG.Rows)
                nameofTC = row[“1”].ToString();
                process = row[“2”].ToString();
                status = row[“3”].ToString();
                curDay = row[“4”].ToString();
                ex = row[“5”].ToString();
                GenerateReports.Report.AppendReportHTML(nameofTC, process, status, “This test case was executed at :  ” + curDay + ” if script  failed exception log of coded UI is  *****************” + ex);

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