Reasons why we should avoid recorder generated automation frame works

If using recorder generated scripts just for learning commands in tools then its ok but if you are trying to automate large not test of application using recorder then you are making a mistake.

Reasons why recorder generated automated scripts are not useful.
  1. Too much extra useless code is generated in un-manged fashion . 
  2. Code is too much Fuzzy . 
  3. Updation is difficult.
  4. When no of test case increase a time will come when you wont be able to manage anything .
There fore my preference is hand coding reasons for that are : 
  1. You can create Automation frame work in some order managed way.
  2. You can customize scripts to any level.
  3. Scripts are efficient as there are less useless lines of code .
  4. Re-usability of scripts.
There are many more  reasons for choosing hand coding . What i want to tell is for learning using recorder is ok but don’t just stick to it .


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