Why its important for software test engineer to not just stick to manual testing

Manual testing is good for starting things but to me limiting your skills just in this domain is not a wise choice .

Reasons for that are :

  1. To excel in IT continuous learning is must thing .
  2. Automation Load and security testing are disciplines of STE domain if you wont learn some one else will and you will be behind them when competing for a job .
  3. To grow your  importance in team you must possess more and more skills just being a manual tester means you have only one skill. 
  4. A time will come when you and a guy which was your junior would mean same to management when you both are simple manual testers . 
  5. Larger you will have skill set in your armory larger will you have reputation in market.
At last i would say don’t just sit behind don’t back your self from these skills simply try again and gain one day you will be an expert in these skills too . Happy learning 🙂


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