How can a testing team improve its reputation in a firm where its new and at initial stages

For testing team to become as important for management as they consider dev team is a tough ask but it is possible and I would like to share my experience what I did to grow reputation of my team.
I compiled following things:
1. Always tell about your work and its benefits effectively.
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Testing team must be a good communicator. Logging bugs in bug management tool is not enough you must email a comprehensive report in which quality of your work must be shown. So that when someone from management in CC views that work he has an idea how much work testing team has done they don’t have time to see bugs in management tool. So it’s always better to create a summary report in email when task is completed. Other examples can be like you automated some test cases now it’s on you to tell benefits of it like how much time it’s saving how much percentage of efficiency it will increase be a good communicator and learn to portrait your work in better way.
2.   Be innovative.
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What I mean by being innovative is introduce new things which are not yet used in organization
·         Introducing new tools
·         Introducing automation testing
·         Introducing Load Performance testing
You will find many new things which you can introduce in your organization but remember one thing before introducing any new thing do proper homework regarding benefits of that tool or technique.
3.   Try to figure out repetitive bottle necks in organization process that effects quality.
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This is something which you will get figured after working for some time in a company you will see a flaw in process that are causing major issues e.g there is no unit testing at dev side when handing over release to test team identify such issues and suggest improvements in product.

4.       Must be Functional domain expert when it comes to about knowledge regarding firm’s products and domains in which they work.

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What I mean by this is testing team is functionally more involved In product feature even more then BA or product owner. So don’t keep this knowledge inside you when there is a meeting regarding product in front of management speak and express your knowledge so that everybody knows you guys are domain experts.


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